As we all know, Google is mostly famous for being the most used search engine. But ever since the company has grown bigger, by the year 2010 Google started to buy more than one company per week. Theese purchases include satellite imaging, mobile software, web analytics, social networks,artifical intelligence, music streaming and many others.

But of course, we focused on the most relevant products or services that the big search engine company can offer to the pucblic.

On top of the list is the software that has created a rivalry with another big company, the competitiveness between Android & Apple wouldn't be what it is today if Google hadn't purchased Android in August 17, 2005 for $50,000,000 helping a 22-month-old sartup to make cell phones software.

Next is the most popular video sharing online platform being the third website both in USA and the world, YouTube was purchased by Google in October 9, 2006 for $1,650,000,000, with its monetization platforms it has made it possible for people to makea living with just uploading their videos.

After being the best search engine, Google came up with a web browser. Making it the simplest browser in the market and with a high compatibility between any products like PC's, laptops, cell phones and tablets people can have all their information connected with a single account.

Those being the most relevant services that Google provides doesn't mean it is limited to few functions, as mentioned before the company has purchased many others and some of those services are:


Online Maps and GPS

Cloud Storage

Social Networks


Music Streaming


Office Services


Applications Store


Edited by: Carlos